Variable Star Observing

The ARO observes variable stars and submits observations to the AAVSO. The focus has been to contribute to specific observing campaigns or to observe newly discovered objects or objects undergoing outburst (catacalysmic variables, etc.).

As of November 13, 2017, 24,119 observations have been submitted to the AAVSO International Database. 

In the past, it observed variable stars (mainly Cepheids and suspected Cepheids) and bright open clusters. This work was done with Daniel Majaess and David Turner of Saint Mary's University Astronomy and Physics.

Supernova Hunting

We are not searching for supernovae now, but in the past made 4 supernova discoveries from ARO.

Papers published or accepted for publication based in part on data from ARO

  • Search of D J Lane at astro-ph
  • Search of Lane, D. J. at NASA's Astrophysics Abstract Service (many other non-ARO related publications returned too)