ARAP is normally installed in the directory c:\arap and all of its scipts, data files, log files, etc. are also located there. Below is a list of the files and directories that make up a base ARAP installation:


ARAP scripts are searched for in this directory.

  • arap.exe - ARAP's executable with automation enabled
  • arapnoauto.exe -  a copy of ARAPs executable file without automation enabled. This version can be run several copies of itself to allow multiple scripts to run at the same time.
  • libmysql.dll - a DLL providing access to MySQL databases
  • FDConnectionDefs.ini - the configuration file that defines database login info
  • shutdown.dtl - a script that runs each time ARAP exits


  • arap.chm - this Help file
  • arap.ini - the ARAP configuration file
  • commands.txt - the last saved commands from Manual Script Command
  • domeaz.txt - a data file used by the calcdomesyncazimuth command
  • pinpoint.vbs - a visual basic script used for solving plates
  • upload.ftp - a script used with Script-FTP for ftp uploads
  • zip.exe - the Info-ZIP zip compression utility


  • messier.ecu - the messier object data file
  • pgc1.ecu and pgc2.ecu - the principle galaxy catalog data file
  • pindex.ecu and pterms.ecu - the orbital elements of the planets
  • sac1.ecu and sac2.ecu - the Saguaro Astronomy Club deep sky object data files
  • ybsc1.ecu to ybsc2.ecu - the Yale Bright Star Catalog files


ARAP scripts are also searched for in this directory (this location is configurable).


Status information is logged in this directory (this location is configurable).


ARAP uses this folder to store temporary files (this location is configurable). User scripts can use it too. The variable TEMPDIRECTORY is equal to this location.