Below are the cloud sensor related commands.


Syntax: cloudsensoron

This command initiates communication with the cloud sensor. The variable CLOUDSENSORTYPE sets the type of cloud sensor used: 1 is original Boltwood, 2 is new Boltwood II, and 3 is AAG Cloudwatcher.

If this operation is successful, the variable CLOUDSENSORCONNECTED is set to "true". All cloud sensor related commands must be preceded by this command.


Syntax: cloudsensoroff

This command terminates communication with the Cloud Sensor and sets the variable CLOUDSENSORCONNECTED to "false".


Syntax: getcloudsensordata

This command queries the cloud sensor for its data and sets the following variables relevant to the installed cloud sensor: SKYSTATE, SKYTEMPERATURE, AMBIENTTEMPERATURE, WINDSPEED, SKYBRIGHTNESS, and HUMIDITY. It does not wait for new data - the variable CLOUDSENSORDATAAGE (in seconds) should be checked to ensure recent data. If CLOUDSENSORIGNOREWETNESS is true, the wetness sensor is ignored. The variable CLOUDERROR is set accordingly.